Lucia Stanislas

Lucia Stanislas is both an emerging personal brand and an international business development powerhouse. She has navigated the headwinds of operations and change for US and Angola-based organizations for more than a decade.

She is recognized for helping companies across a portfolio of industries, including real estate, logistics, finance, nonprofit, international trade, Oil & Gas, and government push through waves of internal resistance in efforts to eliminate project abstractions, maintain competitiveness and take data-centric approaches to systems design and strategic planning.

By lending an executive hand to multiple community organizations such as the Association of Angolans in Georgia (ASSANGA), the African Association of Georgia (AAGA), and the Association Comunidade Capoeira Angola Opus (ACCAO), Lucia has been able to continuously nurture her socially-responsible reputation as a leader and mentor.

Other notable qualifications include Stanislas having earned a formal education from Morris Brown College and Mercer University in Atlanta, GA and serving in active Director positions for two successful macroeconomic companies.


"Lucia Stanislas has been a real lifesaver in helping me better organize my time. Your ideas on how I could improve my financial services helped me get new customers, retain the new ones I already had, and offer better services. Thanks again!"
Pam Hill, LLC - Pennsylvania

"Lucia Stanislas has provided us with excellent service. Work accomplished was done in professional and timely manner. We would gladly use her services for our future needs."
Thad Gillian - Principal/Owner GW Design Group, LLC Atlanta, GA

"My name is Imhotep Shaka, I have in business for over 16 year in Atlanta area. I was blessed to have met Lúcia Stanislas. The key Lucia’s “success” has been based on her willingness to totally satisfy her clients base with patients devotion to task, a first rate attitude in call & response situations. Finally, last but definitely not least, her love & humanity, something we all fight with in business. I would happily recommend her services to all business types that require a silence force in their organization or air under their wing."
Imhotep Shaka - Kovenant Hearts & Education / KHE Kulture House

"Mrs. Lucia as she's fondly called is a person of good character and virtues. She's always right on point, very professional, articulate reliable and above all dependable. I've no regret knowing her. She's quite resourceful and always dedicated to any project."
Dhikru Adetona Ajibola - Executive Director at African Development Forum & Primerose Financial Corporation

"Lucia was my artistic director when I was an artist -in-residence with Reconstruct Art INC and Chashama Gallery Queens New York 32010-20129. She is a very supportive woman and a channel of blessing to many people."
Okechukwu O Ofiaeli - CEO & Founder at Navaloo Creations Enterprises


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